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Musician, Songwriter, Composer and Producer

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Chas Cronk, composer, performer, bass player, guitarist and producer. 

Chas Cronk is an English rock singer-songwriter and musician, best known as the bassist for the Strawbs from 1973 to 1980, then again from 2004 to the present.

He has also recorded and toured with Steve Hackett’s band in the 1980s as well as Rick Wakeman in the 70’s and 80’s appearing on “Six Wives of Henry VIII”.

Over the course of quarantine, Chas utilized the time in lockdown to work on his solo music. Liberty is the result of his hard work with virtually all songs being written and recorded during lockdown.

All Vocals, Instruments and Production by Chas Cronk – with thanks to Dave Lambert for guitar on “A Splash of Blue”, Dave Bainbridge for Guitar Solo on “Slipping Downstream” and Major Baldini for drums on the title track.

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"Liberty astonishes…and makes us wonder what else the seasoned bass player has been hiding all these years."

Judi Cuervo – Spill Magazine

Mystic Mountain Music

A limited stock of the original CD pressing is available here, along with Digital Download format.

Influenced by two trips to Egypt exploring the sacred sites and recording ambient sounds in the temples and pyramids, I wrote, recorded and self-released “Mystic Mountain Music”, a soundscape of ambient music produced to complement Reiki Healing, Meditation and Relaxation, using specific frequencies, harmonics and modulations.

“Timeless, spaceless music to chill out to. Open a bottle of well-chilled Chardonnay and put the record on. Forget life in the fast lane, relax and float down stream. I did and it’s well worth it.”

- Dave Cousins

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Chas Cronk - Strawbs Bass and 12 String Guitar

Chas Cronk Full Band
Finale of the Strawbs 50th Anniversary Concerts with guests and the United Nations singers